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What’s happening:

Unprecedented: The House removed a speaker for the first time in U.S. history

– Former President Trump was in Manhattan Tuesday for a civil fraud trial

– Congress averted a government shutdown in the 11th hour over the weekend, but funding runs out again in mid-November…

216 House members – every Democrat available to vote as well as eight Republicans – voted to remove Rep. Kevin McCarthy as House speaker on Tuesday. Nothing can happen in the House until it selects a speaker. In January, when the new, narrow House GOP majority took control of the chamber, it took 15 rounds of voting to get McCarthy over the edge. One of the concessions McCarthy made to get people over the edge was to allow for any single member to introduce a motion to vacate the speakership, which finally happened today …Read more

HOW WE GOT HERE: GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida introduced the motion to vacate after a government spending fight that nearly caused a partial government shutdown. Gaetz and a few Republicans known to other members of the party as “rebels” have pressed for “regular order” in the budget process – which means passing individual appropriations bills, something that has not happened for years. The most recent continuing resolution, which funds the government at current levels set by the last congress through mid-November, was the last straw for a few Republicans, who wield significant power in the closely divided GOP majority. 

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry is now the speaker pro tem. The House will hold elections for speaker until a new one is selected. 

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