Is McConnell Wrong To Help Biden in Debt Fight With GOP?

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  • Wisconsin’s new legislative maps are a win for democracy
    Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers speaks about funding for the I-535 Blatnik Bridge before a visit by US President Joe Biden on January 25, 2024, at Earth Rider Brewery in Superior, Wisconsin.  | Stephen Maturen/Getty Images They could break the GOP’s longstanding gerrymandered grip on the state legislature. Wisconsin now has legislative maps that align more…
  • Capital One-Discover merger could put a bigger squeeze on credit card users, experts warn
    Capital One’s $35.3 billion deal to buy Discover is a long way from being completed.
  • Trump or Haley? South Carolina voters prepare for ‘first in the South’ contest
    Almost every winner of the South Carolina primary has gone on to become the presidential nominee. “South Carolina has a really strong history of picking the Republican nominee,” said Jessica Taylor, the Cook Political Report Senate and governors editor. “Only in 2012, when they voted for Newt Gingrich, did they not do that.” Smaller, less…
  • Russia detains U.S. citizen, Los Angeles woman on suspicion of treason – NBC News
    Russia detains U.S. citizen, Los Angeles woman on suspicion of treason  NBC News Los Angeles woman arrested for treason in Russia; co-workers react  KTLA Los Angeles American ballerina with dual citizenship arrested in Russia, facing life in prison for donating $51 to Ukraine  Fox News US-Russian dual citizen arrested for treason, accused of collecting funds for Ukraine  CNN Russia…
  • An attempt to reckon with True Detective: Night Country’s bonkers season finale
    Kali Reis explores the ice in True Detective: Night Country. | Michele K. Short/HBO What True Detective’s fourth season gets wrong about True Detective. To be a True Detective fan is to wrestle with uncomfortable contradictions. The first season is both a masterpiece of cosmic horror noir and a piece of art that feels like it…
  • Here’s the biggest news you missed this weekend
    Israel’s plan for a ground offensive gets international pushback. Trump launches a sneaker line. And young adults on a financial cliff are spending for the here and now.
  • Haley: Congress is ‘lying to the American people’ by tying foreign aid to border security
    GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley alleged Sunday that Congress is “lying to the American people” by tying foreign aid to border security.  “Congress is failing because they’re making this sound like you have to choose between Ukraine and Israel, or securing the border. They are lying to the American people. That’s a false premise. We…

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