Is Pence Trying To Scapegoat Trump for Jan 6th?

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  • What the assassination attempt on President Reagan reveals about the Trump shooting
    President Ronald Reagan views a giant get-well card while recuperating from a gunshot wound suffered in an assassination attempt by John Hinckley, Jr. Former President Donald Trump is the ninth US president to be a target of an assassination attempt. The last was President Ronald Reagan, who, like Trump, survived an attack by a lone…
  • What we know about the Trump injury and shooting at the rally in Pennsylvania
    Here’s what we know about the shooting in Pennsylvania that injured former President Donald Trump on Saturday.
  • Biden seen leaving church minutes after Trump shooting
    President Biden was seen leaving Mass at St. Edmond’s Catholic Church in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, just minutes after an assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump.  Photos exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital show Biden leaving church at 6:20 p.m. Saturday, putting on a black baseball cap as he walked out of church flanked by…
  • Live updates: Trump injured in shooting at Pennsylvania rally that left at least 1 dead – CNN
    Live updates: Trump injured in shooting at Pennsylvania rally that left at least 1 dead  CNN Citing his recent comments, Republicans blame Joe Biden for Donald Trump rally shooting  USA TODAY Trump rally shooting is being investigated as an assassination attempt, officials say  The Associated Press Trump ‘Safe’ After Shooting at Pennsylvania Rally; Suspected Gunman Killed: Live Updates  The…
  • The bar for Joe Biden should not be on the floor
    President Joe Biden holds a news conference at the 2024 NATO Summit on July 11 in Washington, DC. The president of the United States proved himself capable of speaking in complete sentences during a press conference Thursday night.  This was notable because, before the presser, President Joe Biden’s competence at the most rudimentary aspects of…
  • Breaking down Biden’s NATO press conference amid calls to step aside
    NBC News’ Peter Alexander recalls President Biden mistakenly calling Vice President Harris “Vice President Trump” at the start of his NATO press conference and breaks down his responses to questions on various important topics.
  • Biden says ‘anyway’ at least 9 times while trailing off in press conference
    President Biden held a high-stakes solo press conference Thursday evening where he doubled down on his earlier pledge to remain in the presidential race while suffering a few gaffes, including trailing off on his thoughts and using the phrase “anyway” at least nine times.  “I just got to just pace myself a lot more, pace…

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