Trump fawns over ‘very special’ Laura Loomer despite House ally calling her ‘mentally unstable’


Former President Donald Trump is getting blasted from both sides of the aisle for palling around with conservative provocateur Laura Loomer at his golf club over the weekend.

Loomer posted a video and a handful of photos of herself and Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, during the LIV golf tournament.

“Today was the best day of my life,” Loomer posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, Sunday. “I got to spend the entire day with the greatest President our country has ever had: DONALD J TRUMP!”

“President Trump invited me to sit with him inside his private box at #Bedminster to watch the #LivGolf tournament,” she wrote.


In a video that has racked up over a million views, Trump told Loomer he liked how opinionated she was. 

“It’s great to have you, and you’ve been really very special,” Trump said. “You work hard, and you are a very opinionated lady. I have to tell you that, and in my opinion, I like that. And I appreciate all of your support, and everybody appreciates your support. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for inviting me to sit with you today,” Loomer responded. “You’re the best. I love you.”

Loomer wrote that Trump thanked her for her frequent criticism of GOP challenger Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“I had a regular ticket for the #LivGolf tournament today, and he saw me when he was getting into his golf cart,” she posted. “He got out of his golf cart and told me to come to his box, and he walked over to me to take a picture with me, telling me how thankful he was for all of my work exposing @RonDeSantisDeSanctus.”

Loomer told Fox News Digital during a phone interview Monday that the president immediately recognized her at his club Sunday.

“Yeah, he recognized me,” she said. “He knows who I am.”

“He recognized me, and then he told his staffer that was standing right next to the golf cart to make sure that I had an all-access pass and that I was escorted to his private suite,” she said.

Loomer said she does not work for the Trump campaign, but she wants to, and she was briefly hired earlier this year.

Loomer said she met with Trump in March and had been hired by the campaign. That fell through, however, following backlash from some top aides and Trump ally Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., who called Loomer “mentally unstable and a documented liar.” 

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment Monday.

Asked if she was being tapped as Trump’s future press secretary, Loomer wrote Monday, “Can’t comment on that! But we talked about a lot of different topics & he was very gracious. And the important thing is he knows I am 100% on board to help him & he recognizes the impact my investigative journalism is having.”

Loomer told Fox News Digital that she would consider it “an honor to work for President Trump someday. But I said that I can’t comment on it because, you know, I’m not going to reveal all of my private conversations with President Trump.”

It’s not clear if Trump spent more time with Loomer than with Iowa voters over the weekend, but the former president spent only 85 minutes at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday, according to NBC News, while his GOP competitors sat down for interviews with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.

Trump has made several trips to the state on the campaign trail, however, including last month when he attended the Iowa GOP’s Lincoln Dinner. 

Loomer told Fox News Digital that any criticism about Trump spending more time with her than Iowans is just a “sleazy tactic” to attack the former president.

“He flew the entire Florida delegation to Iowa, OK?” Loomer argued. “And he campaigned with them, and he was the most popular attraction in Iowa.”

Loomer said that if she could she would want to be Trump’s press secretary because he “needs somebody who knows how to deal with the fake news media and somebody who actually never backs down, and that’s me.”

Loomer has repeatedly made headlines for attention-grabbing stunts such as handcuffing herself to the Twitter headquarters in New York after being banned from the platform in 2018 for her comments about Muslims.

Loomer, who calls herself a “Feisty Jewess” in her X bio, repeatedly defended Holocaust denier and antisemite Nick Fuentes earlier this year, saying they have “become great friends over these last 5 years” and that they have “formed a bond over being Deplatformed and having our civil rights violated by the FBI & Big Tech.”

Trump faced backlash last year after hosting a dinner with Fuentes and rapper Kanye West at Mar-a-Lago.

In 2017, Loomer was banned by Uber and Lyft for tweeting about not being able to find a “non-Islamic” driver and declaring herself a “#ProudIslamophobe.” She described herself as “pro-white nationalism” during a podcast the same year.

Loomer, who is Jewish, told Fox News Digital on Monday that she does not dislike Muslim people and that she is “not a White supremacist.”

“Because I’m Jewish, right? How can I be a White supremacist like what the media’s calling me today?” she said.

Loomer has also been banned from Facebook, Instagram, PayPal and Uber Eats for her past controversial statements.

In 2017, she wrote, “Good. Here’s to 2,000 more,” after 2,000 migrants reportedly died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

In 2019, Loomer was banned from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) for apparently harassing reporters.

That same year, she made a video attacking Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and declared, “Muslims should not even be allowed to seek positions of political office in this country.” 

In 2018, Loomer claimed the school shootings in Parkland, Florida, and Santa Fe, Texas, were hoaxes.

In May of this year, Loomer was widely criticized for accusing the DeSantis campaign of exaggerating Florida first lady Casey DeSantis’ battle with cancer.

“They are welcome to release the medical records though to show that they aren’t exaggerating,” Loomer wrote. “Especially since they want to use her as a campaign surrogate and cancer as a way to appeal to voters.”

Loomer ran for Florida’s 11th Congressional District seat in 2022 but lost in the Republican primary. She also lost in 2020, after she earned the Republican nomination for Florida’s 21st Congressional District, to incumbent Rep. Lois Frankel, a Democrat, by a wide margin.

Loomer made headlines in May after she elevated the anti-DeSantis “Blacks for Trump” founder, Maurice Symonette, who is a devoted follower of the late cult leader Hulon Mitchell Jr.

“I’m here to destroy DeSantis, because he’s a bastard from Hell,” Symonette said in a video posted by Loomer. “What I’m going to do is make sure that you don’t win, and that everybody knows that you’re a RINO Republican racist.”

Symonette made his comments alongside several other men wearing “Blacks for Trump” shirts that also advertised Symonette’s nonprofit organization, BOSS Group Ministries, which follows the teachings of Hulon Mitchell Jr., founder of the murderous “Nation of Yahweh” cult, a sect of the Black Hebrew Israelites movement that disbanded after Mitchell landed behind bars.

In 2019, Symonette, who publicly goes by Michael the Black Man, told local media that Mitchell had been instructing his devotees to support Trump as far back as 1984.

“Yahweh Ben Yahweh told us in 1984 that Trump was Cyrus,” Symonette told Local 10 News, referring to the ancient Persian king. “He said one day he is going to run for president.” 

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