Levin: This ONE program would change the abortion debate FOREVER

Our legal system is designed to protect innocent lives from harm. And yet, when it comes to abortion, the definition of “innocent” seems to cause many people some confusion.

For many, there is nothing controversial about saying a pregnant woman must protect the defenseless life growing inside of her. But others believe they have a right to exterminate the innocent.

In this clip, “LevinTV” host Mark Levin makes a case for why abortion is not a protected right. He dismantles the lame and heartless excuses pro-choice activists make to justify the barbaric practice of terminating a pregnancy.

Levin asked why PBS or the Discovery Channel would not put out an “Abortion Special” to show the world how abortion is a humane and constitutional privacy, right? Why is the abortion process censored instead?

“They don’t want you to see,” Mark said. “That one program would change the abortion debate forever.”

Watch the clip for more hard truths from Mark. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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