Americans Turn Their Backs On Trump

Is Trump’s reign over?

According to a new ABC News-Ipsos survey over 58% of the respondents said that former President Trump should face criminal charges for his connection with the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot, while 40 percent said he should not face charges. 

Out of those surveyed 46 percent also said that Trump is greatly responsible for the Jan. 6 attack, while 12 percent said he bears a “good amount” of the responsibility. Seventeen percent said he bears mild responsibility while 24 percent say he is not responsible at all for the Capitol attack. 

This is not the only poll to have shown such results. The ABC News-Washington Post-ABC News poll also showed that 52 percent of those responding believed Trump should be facing charges over the Capitol riot insurrection. In that same poll, 42 percent of people were not in support of criminal charges being pressed. 

This latest poll comes at a time when the House select committee in charge of the Capitol insurrection investigation has been in full force. The Capitol attack led to the death of five people. 

Those responding to the survey also said that the House Select committee investigating the attack is doing so fairly, while 38 percent said the investigation was not impartial. Nine percent of the respondents also said they would closely be looking at the committee hearings. 

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